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Melody Hsu is a multidisciplinary designer from Taiwan. 

Before Boston, she grew up in Beijing and went to a British international school where she expressed herself in fine arts. At Emerson College, Melody explored her artistic identity and found herself as a conceptual designer with a parallel specialization in production design. Having designed for plays and musicals, she's also been invited to design a plethora of narratives, music videos, and fashion films. 

As a designer, Melody is soulfully inspired by both her cross-cultural identity and her background in fine arts. She rocks between impressionism and modernism. When designing, she guides her team to experiment, to adapt, and to thrive through their learning experiences. To her peers, she is the wild card; the one to say "this is going to sound crazy but what if...". 

As Melody uses her gifts of intuition and motivation to thrive and to elevate the community in which she lives, she looks forward to continuing to grow into the empathetic and impactful designer that she knows herself to be.


(786) 843 - 6927


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